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“DMACK Tyres” special prizes for the fastests “300 LAKES RALLY” drivers

2015-08-06 01:16

In a past few years “DMACK Tyres” has been more and more active in World Rally Championship as a motorsport tyre supplier and by supporting young and talented drivers by giving a chances to participate in World Rally Championship in “Drive DMACK” world rally team.

As we all know, motorsport is one of the most expensive sports in the world and the biggest expenses for the drivers before the events is the motorsport tyres. By this reason “DMACK Tyres” have decided to join the “300 Lakes Rally” by setting up a special prizes which total worth is more than 1600 euros for the fastest competitors by giving an opportunity to win DMACK rally tyres.

Every competitor who is participating in “300 Lakes Rally” with 4WD (four wheel drive) and FWD (front wheel drive) cars and who have putted DMACK stickers on their cars have a chance to win the “DMACK Tyres” prizes.

The fastest drivers with 4WD and FWD cars will win a free set of DMACK gravel tyres each.


2015-08-04 14:47

Detalūs žemėlapiai ir greičio ruožų aprašymai ralio žurnale
Rally maps with detailed descriptions of special stages published in rally magazine

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A brother duet from UK will debut in „300 Lakes Rally“

2015-07-11 15:02

As the registration to „300 Lakes Rally“ has begun, the organizers have revealed that already there are quite few participants from all over the Europe.

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First time „300 Lakes Rally“ fans will be able to participate in BBQ and cocktail evening

2015-07-10 11:18

As the date of „300 Lakes Rally“ approaches, the organizers reveal even more interesting information about what participants and rally fans can expect in Zarasai.

This year, organizers have prepared a special entertainment for all spectators – „Stokker Rally“ cocktail and BBQ evening. Over the years „300 Lakes Rally“ has grown out of a simple rally event into a real summer feast.

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Lithuanian rally masters eager to return to the „300 Lakes Rally” routes

2015-07-07 11:02

Less than a month is left until „300 Lakes Rally" kicks-off on 7-8th August, and the participants have started counting the remaining days. Drivers from neighboring countries demonstrate special sympathy for this event and recognizes the unique atmosphere every time they come to Zarasai.
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A bit over a month is left until „300 Lakes Rally“

2015-07-02 11:15

A little over one month is left until one of the most popular events in Lithuania - the traditional summer rally – „300 Lakes Rally“. Organizers announced the registration for participants. At the same organizers urges spectators to reserve August 7-8th on their calendars and spend a perfect summer weekend in nature.

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300 Lakes Rally will be held only in Lithuanian teritory this year

2015-06-23 10:07

A little bit less than two months remain until 7th of August 7, when the largest summer festival the "300 Lakes Rally" will take place. As we approach the summer fiesta date, the rally organizers are working hard to prepare the stages for participants and spectators.

One of the "300 Lakes Rally" organizers Maris Simson says, that although the rally format will not change that much, but both participants and spectators will see the differences since last year’s rally.
"One of this year’s rally news is that the rally will be held only in Lithuania. Riders will not have to cross the Latvian border, because there will only be stages, stretching in Zarasai, Visaginas, Ignalina districts, "- said Mr Simson.

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