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Special invitation for LADA VFTS rally car owners. First LADA VFTS rally cup in Europe!

2013-04-24 12:37

Lada is a trademark of the Russian manufacturer AvtoVAZ. LADA-VFTS is a rally car based on Lada2105VFTS (Vilniusskaja fabrika transportnyh sredstv/ Вильнюсская фабрика транспортных средств) started as workshop at Vilnius car repair factory and later transformed to Vilnius factory of vehicles- company witch specialized in a preparation of rally/race versions of Lada vehicles and engines. Best known after Lada-2105 rally vehicle version prepared under Group B rules. These cars still attract a lot of support from the rally audience and creates a nice atmosphere of the event. This company was founded and managed by famous Lithuanian rally driver Stasys Brundza.

The one of the best rally in Lithuania -"300 Lakes Rally" organizers, inspired by the idea to invite all this cars owners to one big event, has started first LADA VFTS CUP in Europe. If you want to get special prizes from this car “father” S.Brundza hands, you must come to this event <...>

For all competitors who will decide to participate in LADA VFTS CUP at "300 Lakes Rally 2013" organizers will get 100% discount for the entry fee.

We invite all:
• LADA VFTS; LADA VTFS kit cars; LADA VIHUR; LADA MTX and all LADA 2101,2011,2102,2103,2104,2105,2106 and 2107

• Also very warm invite for FIAT group cars-Seat-124,FIAT-124,Polski Fiat-125 and ZASTAVA cars.

• Prizes will be awarded to the 6th top finishers
• One or more prizes from STASYS BRUNDZA
• One or more prizes from KIVERT(S.BRUNDZA Mechanic)
• ALL LADA VFTS CUP competitors get a special event stickers-emblems(Numbered)

LADA VFTS CUP is only one full size competition in Europe for LADA VFTS cars.

For additional information about the CUP please don't hesitate to contact the organizers representatives Dzintars Kaulkalns

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